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Styles of yoga and class descriptions

Hatha Yoga - this is a generic term for yoga and many other styles of yoga derive from this. It is ideal as a gentle introduction to the basic yoga postures (asanas). You won't be practicing headstand but you will leave class feeling longer, more relaxed and at peace.

Each session has a different focus and includes, for example, lower back release, balance, hip openers and slow flow.

Restorative and Yin Yogathese classes are very slow-paced and each pose is held for up to five minutes. The purposes of restorative yoga and yin yoga differ in subtle ways. Yin aims to reach deep into the connective tissues and ligaments thus improving strength and flexibility. It is a lovely way to release tension and nourish the whole body. In restorative yoga we use cushions, blankets, bolsters and blocks to help us move slowly in to the poses and also hold them for longer periods of time. You will experience a wonderful release of tension (physical and mental). Restorative yoga promotes relaxation and is even more gentle than Yin!

Chair Yoga - Chair yoga benefits not only seniors but also those with limited mobility due to chronic pain, disability, or acute injuries.  Benefits are available to anyone who shows up and practices on a regular basis. Whether you are a senior looking to maintain good physical condition, a person of any age recovering from an acute injury, or someone who has limited mobility or pain, seated yoga poses are a good option for mind-body wellness and health.

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